October Offerings

How can we be in October already?  I don't know when summer became fall but it has.  Just this evening we've had a lovely cool rain that made everything smell like autumn with just a hint of smoke from my neighbor's wood burner stove.  I am so in love with this season.

Tonight I have two pumpkin cottages to offer this month.  One is the Blue Pumpkin house (sold), which was inspired by the color of drying hydrangea blossoms.  The other is the Pumpkin Farmhouse (sold), inspired by my favorite pumpkin farm in Ohio. 

All pumpkin cottages are made from various materials....homespun, wool, osnaburg, with lots of hand-stitching and details.  The door knob is an antique shoe button, and you'll always find a little black kitty looking for somewhere to hide.  They are lightly stained over for a more primitive worn look.

Blue Pumpkin House
I'm sorry about the quality of the blue pumpkin house pictures, they were taken after dark. I can send additional photos, just shoot me a quick email ~ thanks!

Pumpkin Farmhouse

Pumpkin Cottages are an original copyrighted Rabbit Hill Primitives design.  Each one is different, makes them more fun to create!  (approx. 10" - 12" high counting the stem and 7" across the top)  They are signed and dated.

$52.00 each includes priority mail shipping.
If you would like to make a purchase, ask a question, or be added to my mailing list, please email me by clicking the link on the right.
Thank you kindly for visiting each month!
Jenn xo