Happy  Day!
A day to leave a bouquet of flowers for neighbors and friends.  With so many spring blossoms blooming, it really is a joyful time of the year. 

I have one offering this month, it was inspired by the blooms in my front garden...tulips, just starting to bloom, snowflake flowers, and spring daffodils. I've also added a touch of blue here and there for the many forget-me-nots that find their way to just the right spot in the garden.

Take a look below, and if interested, please email me at:

Thank you always from the bottom of my heart.  
Be safe, be well, and be happy!
Jenn xo

"Pitcher Full of Happiness" Textile Art

A fresh bouquet of flowers cut from my garden and placed in an ironstone pitcher. It is entirely hand sewn and primitively made using early bits and pieces of old textiles to make something new and pretty.  

If your visiting for the first time, I have been creating these kinds of pieces for as long as I can remember.  I call them cloth paintings.  Because of the age of the fabric, some places are a little tattered.  I find that charming but wanted to make sure that you noticed.

This piece was made with lots of love and little stitches.  It is backed by a vintage piece of natural textured fabric cut from a bolt that I found at a local estate sale. I have also added a sleave so that you may hang this with a dowel if you choose.

 It is larger than most of my pieces,12" wide x 15" long. 

All of these types of pieces are made one of a kind. Thank you always.
$128.00 includes priority mail shipping.