October Offerings

~Little Gather Mouse~ SOLD

7" tall, little mouse sits upon a blue pumpkin with the word "Gather" stitched on it.  

He has been gathering things for the cold months ahead.  

Little mouse is dressed in early fabrics.  He has a french knot eyes, stitched nose, and flax whiskers.  

His little acorns are made from vintage tan velvet and he carries a bouquet of dried black eyed susan seed heads.  One of a kind.

$67.00 includes shipping ~ He is sold, thank you!


~October Pumpkin~ SOLD

"i'm so glad i live in a world of octobers" ~ anne of green gables
This is one of my favorite quotes and movies. 

Freehand stitched this quote around a worn white pumpkin, which has a brown wool stem. 

It is 9" wide and 6 1/2" tall. One of a kind.

$48.00 includes shipping ~ Sold, thank  you


~Happy Pumpkin Girl~ SALE PENDING

She just has a look of joy! Maybe she's happy October is finally here. 

She is dressed in browns, has a patch or early fabric on her dress. 

Her shawl is hand-knitted with an antique button attached.  

She also has two other antique buttons on the back of her dress to gather. 
 Holding a little fabric pumpkin, she is pretty happy.

15 1/2" tall, pumpkin stem, and she is mounted on a wooden stand. One of a kind.  

$88.00 includes shipping ~ SALE PENDING

~Bittersweet Bird Pincushion~ SOLD

This little pincushion is made entirely from early fabrics, with lots of little stitches. 

It is filled with locally sourced sheep wool. 

Vintage pins are included.

One of a kind.  5" x 5"

$54.00 includes shipping ~ SOLD

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Happy Autumn and have a happy Halloween!

Jenn xo