Robin Make-do Pin Cushion ~ SOLD


We've had a family of robins all about the house the last few days.  They seem to like my front and back porch the most.  The mama has been so busy.  This folky make-do is a tribute to her and her hard work, taking care of her little family.

She is made from overdyed wool....feathers and body are dark brown wool, and her gusset is a cinnamon-red  wool.

She has stitched wool eyes with a french knot pupil.  In her beak she is holding a piece of ribbon which I thought looked like a worm, but could also be a piece used for building her nest...whatever you want to imagine it to be :)

 The make-do pin cushion is made from a vintage tan velvet.  It is filled with sawdust and fill.

The base is an old candlestick that has been painted and distressed.

Vintage pins and buttons are included.

This piece is 8 1/2" tall.

This is an original and one of a kind piece.

$43.00 includes priority mail shipping within the U.S.  All others please inquire about shipping charges.

Thanks very kindly and please email if you have any questions.
Happy June!!
Jenn :)