~~ China Doll in Spring Garden ~ ~ SOLD ~~

This piece is inspired by a love of old quilts, dolls and flowers all rolled into one.  I've always wanted to make a quilt but have no patience for making them...precision is not my strong point, I'm more of a freehand kind of girl!

She is a little china head doll walking through her spring garden.  

 This folky piece is primitively done and made from lots of old and early pieces appliquéd on to an old feed sack...........like a cloth painting.  
It is backed by a nice piece of old blue homespun.  I've sewn a sleeve on the back for hanging using a dowel rod or a sturdy twig would be nice.
 It measures 6" wide by slightly over 8" tall. 


There are many many stitches in this primitive piece.  Tattered and torn in some places because of the age of the fabric.  Please click on the photos to enlarge for a much better look.


This is an original and one of a kind piece made with lots of love.  It will be signed and dated

$46.00 plus shipping.